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New to the game of backgammon? Need help setting up the board ?

Ladbrokes offers the most advanced backgammon tutorial ever made. Learn the game and sharpen your skills.

Click BACKGAMMON TUTORIAL to launch it - clicking NEXT takes you through each lesson.

You can read it all at once or just look at the lesson you need.

Study our comprehensive tutorial to get you playing in no time.

Once you have mastered the basics, carry on improving with the Advanced Backgammon Lessons

1. Introduction to backgammon

The introduction briefly explains the basics of the board game.

2. How to set up the board

Click here to learn about the backgammon board, the dice and the doubling cube.

3. Objectives

The basic backgammon rules are explained in this lesson. Topics covered include the inner board, outer board, the bar and the tray .

4. Chequer Play

In this lesson you will learn how to start a game of backgammon and move your chequers around the board.

5. Hitting players

One of the most important parts of backgammon is hitting your opponent's chequers (and putting them on the bar.) This lesson shows you how and teaches what a blot is.

6. Re-Entering

What do you do once you have been hit? This lesson shows you what do you if your opponent has put you on the bar.

7. Rolling Doubles

A vital, and game changing part of backgammon - rolling doubles requires special attention.

8. Bearing off

To win the game you have to know how to bear off. Simply put, this is removing your chequers from the board.

9. Play a few moves

Click and drag the chequers in this lesson to show you understand the basics. Remember, it is possible to have more than 5 chequers on one point.

10. Doubling Dice

This is a relatively recent addition to the game of backgammon, invented in 1928, but how a player uses the doubling cube / doubling dice is one of the most important parts of modern wager based backgammon. Taking and dropping the doubling cube at the correct times will greatly increase your winnings.

11. Gammons and Backgammons

What does it mean when you win by a gammon or backgammon?

12. Basic Backgammon Odds

Any gambler must know his odds. Backgammon is no exception to the rule. From general chequer play to bearing off, this lesson will help you to increase your chances of winning.

13. Opening Moves

There is a correct way to play the opening roll of a game. Take this class to see how and why.

14. Double Replies

It is impossible to roll a double on the first move of a game - but should you be lucky enough to roll it on the second move, this is how recommend you play them.

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